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Our Promise

At Foresight we promise that you will receive the highest possible level of service.  To ensure this we have an Instructors Code of Ethics and a range of operational policies in place to guarantee quality.

Our personal triners are constantly assessed to a very high standard to ensure quality.  This code outlines the standards that we expect from all our Personal Trainers, Therapists and Staff.

Some of the key promises that we make to you include:-

  • All Personal Trainers/Therapists will be adequately qualified and insured for each activity they are responsible for.
  • All sessions will be planned and be working towards your individual goals.
  • All Personal Trainers/Therapists will be uniformed at all times.
  • All Personal Trainers/Therapists will act to protect your privacy and keep all personal records highly confidential (Privacy agreement available upon request).
  • Personal Trainers/Therapists will co-operate fully with any other professional, either part of Foresight Fitness Services or outside in the best interests of their client.
  • All sessions will start on time, and in the unlikely event that a trainer arrives more than 10 minutes late that session will be free.
  • In the highly unlikely event that a Personal Trainer/Therapist has to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will not pay for the cancelled session and you will get an additional one free (As stated in our cancellations policy).

To see a full copy of our Instructors Code of Ethics, and for other useful information see the resource section of this website.

For more information on our personal trainer/therapists/specialists or to book a FREE, No commitment consultation call the office on 0161 610 0354 or email